Get you power where power has never been before!

We can design and install a system for the most remote locations where a grid connection is not possible or not economically feasible. We also are working on designing systems that can be installed alongside the grid but, in the event of an emergency, can be used to support isolated communities.




Get the best performance along with the lowest cost of ownership energy storage system for telecommunications applications.

By installing renewable generation in the form of solar or wind, and pairing this with Platinum Energy's industry leading capacitor based energy storage system we can lower generator run time by up to 90%.

Given that these sites can be located in remote and harsh areas, chemical battery lifespan can be significantly reduced due to temperature. By using capacitor based storage temperature is not of concern and has no degradation effect over cycle life.

With Sirius, you can use 100% of the energy storage capacity, reducing your need to oversize the storage system. In the case of chemical batteries, you have to consider the inefficiencies and oversize the installation to counteract these. In the case of Lead acid batteries, capacity needs to be oversized by 50% just to counteract chemical inefficiency.


Another factor that needs to be considered with chemical batteries is how much it will degrade over its cycle life. This means you have to again oversize the battery to ensure you always have sufficient usable capacity throughout the lifespan of the storage. Capacitor storage does not fall victim to these shortcomings of chemical batteries. This means you only purchase what you actually need!

The projected lifespan of capacitors is significantly longer than chemical batteries meaning you can achieve better results from day one and benefit from the advantages for longer! There is no downside! This is why Sirius supercap storage is now the benchmark for telecom storage enabling increased revenue through higher uptime and lower costs through opex savings.

Fundamentally, chemical-based energy storage is NOT practical, sustainable, or cost effective for a long-term solution.

Even when installed without renewable generation, capacitor storage offers significant advantages over chemical batteries. Since you are able to charge and discharge capacitors at higher C rate (a batteries rate of charge relative to its storage capacity) than chemical batteries, this allows the genset to be operated at its maximum efficiency point, thus operating at optimal fuel consumption efficiency as well as considerably reducing runtime, leading to lower maintenance costs.


How do Supercapacitors address issues inherent in telecom backup energy installations? In enclosures, Supercapacitors require no HVAC or integral liquid cooling due to a very wide operating temperature range. (-30°C to 80°C). Supercapacitor's charge rate is 8 - 15 times faster than lead acid batteries, allowing them to reduce generator runtime by as much as 76%, creating substantial savings in generator fuel and maintenance costs. The table below compares various performance factors of Supercapacitors with chemical batteries.

Reach out to us today and we can show you how replacing chemical storage with capacitor based storage in overseas telco sites has significantly reduced Opex on diesel generators.




In New Zealand, we are all aware of the presence and ongoing risk of natural disasters - most notably is earthquakes.

With the ever increasing threat of an alpine fault rupture we thought of designing a system that can be installed into a community centre in isolated areas. This will provide the power needs of the centre in its day to day operation but in the event of an emergency - where the community becomes isolated, can act as an off grid self powered centre to provide for the community.

The system's design will also achieve a return on investment in its day to day operation but will be of even greater value when it is called upon in the event of a disaster.

Traditionally, this would be a difficult situation if you were using chemical batteries as the life is limited and sitting idle for months or years will have a negative effect on the batteries cycle life.

However by using Platinum Energy's Capacitor based storage - this is not an issue. They can happily sit at any state of charge for years with no effect on storage capacity.

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can implement a system that suits your needs, or see below to find out more about our process.