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At Platinum Energy, we offer comprehensive solar consulting services.
We can help you navigate the complexities of solar energy and achieve your renewable energy goals. Our experienced team has the knowledge necessary to help you make informed decisions about your solar needs.

We can carry out a
 free preliminary assessment  to determine the feasibility of solar for your business, but for more comprehensive analysis and modelling of yo
ur data, get in touch with us for our consultation rates.

Site Evaluation and Analysis:
We provide a thorough evaluation of your site to determine the feasibility and potential for solar energy generation. Our analysis includes site selection, shading analysis, and energy consumption analysis.

Financial Analysis:
We help you understand the financial implications of solar energy, including return on investment, levelised cost of energy, and payback period. Our financial analysis provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the costs and benefits of solar energy to your business.

System Design:
Our team can work with you to design a solar energy system that meets your unique energy needs. We provide specifications and wiring diagrams to ensure that your system is installed to the appropriate standards.

We assist with all aspects of network connection, including utility applications and inspections. We ensure that your system is in compliance with relevant lines company regulations.

Construction Oversight:
We provide oversight and management of your solar energy system installation to ensure that the system is installed to the highest standards and performs optimally.

System Reporting:
We can provide regular reporting of the performance of your system, and analysis of any changes is energy usage behaviour, as well as remote fault detection and system configuration.


How it works

Assessment of your needs

Our first task is to find out what you need to get the best bang for your buck!


Generally, we'll take 12 months of power bills from you, or access your consumption data from your electricity retailer, and put this into our model to accurately size your system.


We'll also arrange an assessment of your site to determine the best placement for a solar array - and whether or not to roof mount (checking things like roofing structure and direction) or ground mount your panels.

From here, we will provide you with a preliminary proposal for the entire system.


From here comes the exciting part; 


After finalising the placement and design of the system, our installers will get to work!

For ground mounted systems, we will put posts in the ground and then attach the rails and start hanging panels. Any trenching for cabling will be taken care of.

For roof mounted system, racking will be attached to your roof and panels will be installed onto this.

Then the inverter system will be connected back to the switchboard.


After a final record of inspection from a local electrical inspector, and meter installation, your solar array will go live - so you can start producing  solar energy!


If you want to go ahead from here, we'll tackle any regulatory or compliance work that is required for you to file; such as council consent, or lines company approval - to ensure you're good to go for a new connection to the electricity grid.


We'll also look at the financials for your system. Depending on the system, we can offer $0 down or Guarantee your ROI - have a look below for more on your finance options. 


Once we've got a good idea of the size and placement of your system, we can firm up all the equipment for the install.

We'll also factor in the new meter for the grid, which allows monitoring of any excess energy

that gets exported back to the grid.


All of our systems come with an online monitoring portal, so you can see real time data whenever you want, tracking things like solar generation and consumption.

In terms of maintenance, there isn't much - as solar panels have no moving parts. The easiest way to ensure the best output is to keep your panels clean! Check them a few times a year -A simple hose down and brush should do the trick, to remove any dust or bird droppings. 

Now you've got an idea of how it all works, you can begin the journey into your own system. We'd love to hear from you, so get in touch today to see how we can make solar energy work for your business!





Platinum Energy offers flexible commercial solar payment plans from
$0 down - allowing you to invest in solar energy for your business without the upfront capital outlay.



We've partnered with Smart Ease - the industry leader in energy efficiency finance, who have helped fund over 5,000 projects across NZ and Australia. 

There are various options available to you for financing;
o Equipment Rental - where Energy Ease retains ownership of the asset during the rental term, and you make fixed monthly payments - this is typically a fully tax deductible operating expense. Once the term is up, you gain ownership of the system.
o Equipment Loan - You borrow to fund the asset but take ownership from day 1, and can claim interest and depreciation expense on the asset.


With a payment plan, once the equipment is installed, your energy bills will be lower. In some cases, electricity bill savings are greater than the monthly payments - so you can be cash-flow positive from the outset* 
- this is how we can give you a system for $0 down and guarantee your ROI.


1. Apply & get approved

Platinum prepares your payment plan application online. If your purchase is under $150k, you could even get instant approval with no financials!

2. System installation
Your system is designed and installed.


3. Supplier payment

Energy Ease pays Platinum in full once you confirm that your solar equipment has been provided.

4. Your monthly payments start

You start paying for your equipment with affordable monthly payments,
so you can get positive returns from day 1. 

Get in touch with us today, or visit
for more information on this.

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