Increase Production. Reduce Costs. Protect our Environment

Agriculture is the backbone of New Zealand - as both a part of our national identity, and our economy. Looking forward, our farms need solutions to meet future expectations; financially and as custodians of our land.

We want to help New Zealand farmers continue the transition to being clean, green and future-proofed - all whilst achieving a great return on investment.

We can design an implement a system for your farm, enabling you to tackle rising energy costs, offset emissions, and make better use of an abundant natural resource to produce and store renewable energy.




There is a very good synergy between solar & energy storage, and the dairy sector. Dairy farming matches up well with the seasonal production of solar & the time of use of energy storage. In the Summer months, when production is higher, your solar system will also be yielding its best results. Over the Winter, after drying off, energy consumption is lower - aligned with less solar generation.

We are working on a number of dairy farm installations currently, and have had yielded great results with previous installations - but don't just take our word for it, look at the data to back it up! 

Below is a snapshot of our case study of a dairy farm system with a 40kW solar array & 32kWh of energy storage on a farm in Dunsandel, Canterbury.



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It doesn't matter where you are in New Zealand or what you're growing, your farm is always in need of irrigation - which can be a thirsty consumer of electricity.

By implementing solar power and energy storage, you can lower your power expense drastically. When Summer comes around, your needs for irrigation are generally going to be the highest, which lines up perfectly for solar production.


Harnessing the sun's energy can not only be used for pumping water for irrigating crops, but can also be used to offset the cost of lighting, heating and ventilation.

By factoring in energy storage, there is also a great opportunity for farmers to stabilise energy costs throughout the year.

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By investing in a solar power and energy storage system for your farm, not only are you able to future-proof your operations by making good use of renewable generation, but you're also gaining a low-maintenance, valuable asset, that improves the image of your farm at large.

You can expect a return on investment of somewhere between 9%-15%, depending on your system requirements and your energy usage. However, if power prices increase (which all signs point to in the near future), your ROI will increase also! 

The payback period of your system will be less than 10 years, well within your warranty period. When factoring in depreciation, this can be reduced to around 5 years in some cases!

To find out more about our process, finance options, requirements and how we can install your system with $0 down and guarantee your return on investment, see how it works.